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Active Seniors (50+) meets every Friday (Term Time), at 10am - 12 in the Meadowside Leisure Centre. Linda 01489 881654.


Whiteley Community Centre is a facility for the whole of the Whiteley area. It has a range of activities including martial arts, exercise classes, children’s groups, parties and the community pre-school. With meeting rooms are available and suitable for smaller activity groups and business meetings. There is a small kitchen and a coffee shop. The Community Centre Coffee Shop area is available for private hire or charity fundraising Call Mark or Mary on 01489 880041

Description Size Std Rate Charity Rate Notes
 Main Hall 140m £15.75 £11.10

Min 4 Hours at the Weekend

Saturday Evening (Fixed Party Rate 6pm to 11pm £135.25)

 Sweethills Room   40m £8.65 £7.60  
 Rookery Room 2   16m £7.10 £6.20  
 Rookery Room 1   16m £7.10 £6.20   
 Both Rookery Rooms   32m £8.65 £7.60  
 Kitchen  12m £12.50     Fixed Session Fee


All the above rates are Per Hour unless otherwise stated. For Regular User Groups a 10% discount is available (not applicable for Charity Rate customers).  Included in the hire charge is the use of chairs and tables. All users are expected to tidy up, put away any furniture used and sweep / mop the floors at the end of the session.

Please check the Whiteley Community Centre Website for further details. A registered charity number is required for access to the charity rates.

We have 46 guests and no members online


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About Us

Having been born in Hampshire I care about my community and wanted to provide a community website for Whiteley. I wish to see the area prosper in every way including culturally, economically and socially. The green agenda is high at the moment so I wish to promote a strong local economy based on local services, traders and producers. Hopefully this website can enhance the communities quality of life and allow you to precipitate in making Whiteley a better place to live and work in.

The site is written by and for people who live or work in Whiteley. It acts as a community bulletin board and an online news and campaigning service for people who are interested in their neighbourhood. The general comparison I make is with community newsletters - although a website like this this is much quicker, there is no way we could reach this many people with a newsletter.

There is a only one volunteer who writes at the moment drawing on local information from newspapers, councillors, councils, residents, parish council, local businesses, surfing and contributions from people like you. We tend to cover Whiteley and the surrounding area from Fareham, Park Gate, Titchfield, Sarisbury and as far as Winchester. This site is not affiliated to any political group and receives around 3000 - 4000 unique visitors per month, depending upon the range of issues posted and the time of year.

We are always delighted when people comment on the issues raised because without your contributions to the site then the site is stagnant and worthless. Feel free to get in touch any time.


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