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The Whiteley Townswomens Guild meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7.15pm at the Whiteley Primary School, Gull Coppice. They have a varied programme of events and speakers. They also have craft, reading, gardening, walking, cinema/theatre and lunch events. New members always welcome. For more information please call Sue Hall on 01489 881721 or Jane Vardy on 01489 881902

Get Focused


At Get-Focused we recognize that everyone is an individual and our trainers endeavor to guide you through every step of the process from diet to lifestyle to bespoke training programmes. We believe that the key to long-term success is making health and fitness a part of your lifestyle by creating a package of a balanced nutrition plan and healthy exercise regime, tailored specifically to you. It is our job as fitness professionals to keep our clients motivated and focused. Our training programmes aim at setting constant challenges and monitoring your progress. Achieving your goal becomes a team effort.

Our team of passionate qualified health and fitness professions can help you achieve a wide range of goals including fat loss, overall fitness, body building and strength training, core and flexibility and sports specific training. We cater for all ages and abilities as well as providing dedicated fitness support for sports teams whether you’re a five a side football team, a rugby, hockey or other sports team or a champion sailor.

Get-Focused services now available at The Solent Hotel

Solent Hotel

Get-Focused is pleased to announce that it now provides in-house Personal Training Services at The Solent Hotel Whiteley through Marcus Southgate and April Higginbottom. This service is available to hotel guests, spa members and non-members.

Marcus and April

As a qualified personal trainer in various areas of fitness, April is able to work with all ages and abilities and will offer her full commitment and dedication to help you reach your goals. Motivated and passionate about her work, April prides herself on her approachable persona. April uses numerous exercises and adaptions to personalise her sessions to each individual client. Whatever your goal is; gaining muscle, losing weight or improving general fitness, April will make sure she works with you every step of the way and ensure that you meet your goals.


  • Core strengthening
  • All body toning, muscle definition
  • Fat loss
  • Enhanced general fitness
  • Pre-wedding or other special occasions fitness programmes
  • Experience working with female clients 

As a highly experienced and qualified Personal Trainer, Marcus has the tools needed to get you to your goal.  He has worked with all kinds of people from all walks of life and prides himself on his easy going and understanding approach to helping clients achieve.

He is a specialist in transforming bodies so whether you want to lose body fat, or gain muscle, or both, he can get you to your ideal physique.

Qualified in nutrition, Marcus understands the importance of both diet and lifestyle in gaining optimum health and achieving weight loss/gain goals. He is also trained in massage and acupressure stress release to ensure you not only look and perform your best but feel your best too.

Marcus also has experience working with athletes and so is well versed in helping anyone wanting to take their sport, be it at a hobby or professional standard, to the next level.

"Getting to be your best ever is an exciting journey. Make the first step by getting in touch and I will get you there as fast as possible."


  • Body Re-composition
  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Gain
  • Nutrition
  • Mindset

To book your free consultation with Marcus or April, either enquire at the Hotel & Spa reception or contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where you can also register for our free Newsletter. For more details, visit us at or call us on 07831 763110.

Karen James Dyslexia Specialist

Karen James provides specialist tuition in a unique learning environment for pupils who wish to improve their literacy skills, boost confidence and improve SATs results.

As well as having a postgraduate qualification in Dyslexia and thirteen years of primary school experience she is also a mother of three who has mentored one of her own daughters who has Dyslexia through university.

Working closely with parents Karen is able to provide individual support and monitor progress using the latest multi-sensory teaching resources.

Please email or call for an initial discussion or to arrange a visit.

24 Connemara Crescent, Whiteley, Hampshire. PO15 7BE

Phone: 01489 881958


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About Us

Having been born in Hampshire I care about my community and wanted to provide a community website for Whiteley. I wish to see the area prosper in every way including culturally, economically and socially. The green agenda is high at the moment so I wish to promote a strong local economy based on local services, traders and producers. Hopefully this website can enhance the communities quality of life and allow you to precipitate in making Whiteley a better place to live and work in. 

The site is written by and for people who live or work in Whiteley. It acts as a community bulletin board and an online news and campaigning service for people who are interested in their neighbourhood. The general comparison I make is with community newsletters - although a website like this this is much quicker, there is no way we could reach this many people with a newsletter. 

There is a only one volunteer who writes at the moment drawing on local information from newspapers, councillors, councils, residents, parish council, local businesses, surfing and contributions from people like you. We tend to cover Whiteley and the surrounding area from Fareham, Park Gate, Titchfield, Sarisbury and as far as Winchester. This site is not affiliated to any political group and receives around 3000 - 4000 unique visitors per month, depending upon the range of issues posted and the time of year. 

We are always delighted when people comment on the issues raised because without your contributions to the site then the site is stagnant and worthless. Feel free to get in touch any time.



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