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10 Pounds per Year

Thank you for your interest in The Whiteley Forum.
The Whiteley Forum is run for a bit of fun and as a service to the community of Whiteley and the surrounding area.
I normally say to people who wish to advertise contact me via the contact form and I will put a link in the links section of the main site for free. If people have a "non comercial" event they want to advertise I will place this on The Whiteley Forum for free.

Some businesses want a little more than this, therefore I have developed an advertising package for which I charge a nominal fee of £10 Per Year. The money raised helps keep the Whiteley Forum running.
For the price of 3 beers
Therefore for less than 3p per day or the price of three beers you can reach around 6500 unique visitors a month. Typically around 200 uniquie users per day.  Although for March 2013 there were an incredible 13,500 visitors. Thats amazing by any standards for a small community website.
2016 Web Statistics

For £10; I will put a link on the front page of the Whiteley Forum site, add your banner to the random banners on article pages, add you to the sponsors links section, I will create you a sponsored page which you are free to email me updates for, over the year.

If you want to go ahead all I need is a £10 cheque or Cash or you can pay £10.50 via the paypal link on the front page of the WF site. Please use the contact form to obtain my details. Sorry about the 50p charge for Paypal but 50p is how much they charge. So if you sent me £10 and I would get £9.50.

For configuration of the advertising I will also need:

Your contact details, your email address, your phone number, your address, the url to your website, a story for your page (optional), pictures if required or I can create them for you from your website (included in the price).

You are welcome to provide your own banners and pictures or I can pull something from your website. 

If you any questions or require further information then please feel free to contact the administrator via the contact form.

Advertising Disclaimer: The Whiteley Forum is not responsible for information that appears in advertisements or services or items purchased from such advertisments.

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