Whiteley Art Society meets on a monthly basis at Whiteley Primary School. For more information contact Helen on 01489 587179

Free Experience Day - Kiddicaru

Why not come along to the free Experience day on Saturday 4th October 10.30 - 1pm at Kiddicaru Whiteley.

Kiddicaru Experience Day

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2 shops open in September 14

Gift retailer Glow & Co and independent clothes shop Fussy Nation will be opening their shops in Whiteley Shopping Centre at the end of September 2014 creating 15 jobs. 

Fussy Nation is a ladies and menswear boutique; while Glow & Co is a gift retailer who offer a delightful range of bath and body products, candles, jewellery and home accessories.

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Last Updated on Friday, 29 August 2014 14:05

Yew Tree Drive Decision

Yew Tree Drive

On Tuesday 9th September Hampshire County Council will decide whether to keep the Yew Tree Drive Bus Gate open. The decision will be made by the Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment.

Resident are able to address this committee if they so wish and the deadline to notify HCC that you wish to speak is Wednesday 3rd September at 5pm.  Apply 

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 August 2014 18:01

Hair Ott - September Offer

Hair Ott

Hair Ott Whiteley are delighted to announce the arrival of two new designers Laura & Scarlett to the Salon.

Laura & Scarlett will be joining the team from the week of the 1st September, they have both been educated through the Hair Ott Academy (top 1% of UK hairdressing trainers) and are transferring from other Hair Ott salons, Scarlett from our North End branch and Laura from our Lakeside branch.

To introduce themselves to the area and exclusively Monday to Thursday for the month of September they are offering:

Half Price haircuts (saving £14.50)

£60 Colour Package which includes a Permanent Colour or Half Head Highlights plus cut and design (saving up to £13)

Or upgrade this package to include a full head of foils for £80 (saving up to £18)

To book please call 01489 588631 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Laura & Scarlett look forward to seeing you soon! X

September Offer

Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 August 2014 17:28

BT Superfast Broadband - August 2014

BT Superfast Broadband Whiteley

BT have indicated that any Whiteley cabinet not already enabled for superfast broadband is now unlikely to be included in BT's Commercial Deployment because they deem it not viable. This means that many cabinets in Whiteley may never be enabled for superfast broadband.

FTTC fibre broadband such as BT Infinity (upto 80mbps) needs your street cabinet (pcp) to be upgraded with a FTTC (Dslam) cabinet as well as your local exchange to be Fibre enabled before you can get fibre broadband.

Not all the cabinets in a FTTC fibre enabled exchange area will be upgraded, so some areas in that exchange area will be unable to get fibre broadband at this current time.

If there is no mention of WBC FTTC when checking the BT Wholesale Database then unfortunately it looks like your cabinet isn't currently in Openreach's fibre broadband rollout plan. 

Click here to see what your looking for in the BT Wholesale Database

Your options are now to live with shared 8mb (in reality this is much less than this due to contention) or residents privatly funding an upgrade of the cabinet by grouping together to pay for this. Or you could wait for government funding.

Please be aware that the Whiteley and Park Gate Exchanges have been enabled. It just that some cabinets have not been upgraded due to the technical limitations of BT's network in some areas. Sometimes, the costs of deploying superfast fibre means it's not commercially viable for BT to provide it without external funding. 

Cabinets not enabled

Cabinet 55 - In January 2014 BT said it wasn't commercially viable to upgrade as there were not enough users. Estimated cost to upgrade £20k

Cabinet 57 - BT said it wasn't commercially viable to upgrade as there were not enough users. Estimated cost to upgrade £20k

Cabinet 58 - No Fast Broadband will not be included in any upgrade as it is not commercially viable.  Estimated cost to upgrade £15k

Cabinet 59 - No Fast Broadband will not be included in any upgrade as it is not commercially viable.  Estimated cost to upgrade £15k

Cabinet 104 - Awaiting a power supply upgrade. ETA from BT wholesale is Sept 2014 although this has slipped before.

Cabinet 105 - BT said it wasn't commercially viable to upgrade as there were not enough users. Estimated cost to upgrade £15k

Cabinet 107 - Has Infinity

You can also register interest below everything helps.


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Last Updated on Wednesday, 27 August 2014 11:15

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SME Growth

How Joining Forces With Others Can Help Business Growth

Joint Venture

Joint Venture

Forming joint ventures with other, non-competing businesses that operate in the same or similar market as you do is a cost-effective way to expand your customer base.

The idea of the joint venture comes under many names and takes different forms: collaborative marketing, strategic alliances, or even outsourcing.

Joint Marketing

The idea here can be as simple as this: Business A agrees to include Business B’s brochure in their next mailing, if Business B agrees to do the same for them. The result is instant access to a whole new cache of customers without having to spend money on advertising or market research to find them.

You can choose to join up with just about anyone that is not a direct competitor, as long as they have the same target market. The kinds of tie-ins you can arrange are as unlimited as your imagination.


A car dealer can offer a free steak dinner at a local restaurant to anyone who comes in
 for a test drive. Both the restaurant and the car dealer get more customers to come through their doors.

Joint venture marketing cuts through the top-heavy expense of finding large amount of customers from scratch. You don’t need to do any market research, or buy a lot of expensive advertising.

Joint Distribution

If you look around, you’ll see all kinds of examples of this: McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, Ford with Firestone Tyres, IBM and Intel. In each of these cases, one company agreed to sell the other’s product as part of the overall package to the consumer.

The benefit to the host company (such as Ford) is that they don’t have to go to all the trouble of manufacturing their own tyres. The benefit to Firestone is access Ford’s distribution network, marketing, etc.

There may be other examples out there that we will never be aware of, because the host company rebrands their partner,s goods as their own. This approach, known as “White Labelling”, is quite common with supermarkets and other retailers.

Joint Manufacturing

Perhaps the best example of this is the car industry, where different brands collaborate on the design and manufacture of the underlying structure of the car (“platform”), and then add their own styling to get the finished product.

For example, Ford’s C1 platform has been used for Ford, Mazda and Volvo models. In an industry where economies of scale are key to being competitive (at least in the budget end of the market), this approach allows companies to reduce the development effort and spread fixed manufacturing costs over a great number of units.

Joint Venture Networks

When it comes to joint ventures, don’t think just two dimensionally – think about developing entire networks of joint venture partners. Get together with a cluster of businesses and have monthly meetings and discuss how you can all pool your resources to help each other out. Build a joint venture marketing group.

A JV group provides an opportunity to conduct cross-promotion campaigns. A beauty therapist cross-promotes with a chiropractor, or an IFA with a law firm. You put together a series of non-competing, complementary business entities to obtain additional business from each other’s client bases.

Joint venture opportunities are everywhere. So next time you are at a breakfast meeting, local business seminar or awards dinner, listen closely to the person sitting next to you. They might just be the key to helping you grow your business!





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