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Fareham Twinned Towns

Fareham is twinned with two towns,Vannes in France and Pulheim in Germany. Fareham in Hampshire and Vannes in Brittany have been twinned since 1967 when a charter was signed between the two towns. Exchange visits by sporting groups have always been an important part of the twinning, with Whitsun the usual time of year. Musicians and artists have expanded this area of interest.


Fareham’s twin town in France is Vannes, located on the Gulf of Morbihan on the west coast of Brittany.Vannes is a port on the Gulf of Morbihan and is centrally situated for Western France. Historical and modern, Vannes’ appeal stems as much from its old town walls and mediaeval centre as from its University and forward-looking businesses. The first exchange visits between residents of Fareham and Vannes began with Fareham Round Table in 1964. Other visits followed and there grew a strong feeling in both towns that the link should be formalised.  In many ways, it was found that Vannes was similar to Fareham.  It was a former port, had attractive historic areas and was a popular sailing centre lying alongside a large area of water - in Vannes’ case, the Gulf of Morbihan, and in Fareham’s case, Portsmouth Harbour.  Everyone was particularly impressed with the friendly and hospitable reception they were given by all the people that they met. Consequently, charters were exchanged and formal twinning arrangements were established in 1966. Over the past forty years the ties of friendship linking our two towns have grown.  More than 2,500 young people have discovered Fareham or Vannes as participants in school or sporting exchanges. There have equally been many exchanges between adult groups - sporting, cultural and professional.  In recognition of the strong links between the towns, Vannes was granted the ceremonial freedom of the Borough of Fareham in 1998.


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Fareham’s twin town in Germany is Pulheim, located just a few miles to the north-west of Cologne.  Pulheim is in many ways similar to Fareham, not least in that it is one large town surrounded by smaller villages.  

In 1983 a former local resident returned from Coventry’s twin town and reported that Pulheim was looking for a twin town of similar size and character.  She suggested to the then Mayor of Fareham that Fareham would be an ideal “twin”.  Exploratory visits were arranged and the Fareham-Pulheim Twinning Association was formed.  Formal twinning arrangements were established in March 1984 with an exchange of charters.  Once again there have been continuing social, sporting, cultural and business exchanges between the two towns and in 1998 Pulheim was granted the ceremonial freedom of the Borough of Fareham in recognition of the strong links between the towns.


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