Why not visit Subway Whiteley?


Whiteley Guides meet alternate Tuesdays at the Whiteley Community Centre tel 01489 885748. Our Guide unit continues to grow and we have members across the Guide age range from 10 years upwards, as well as six Young Leaders 14+.

Cycling & Walking

If you live in or around Whiteley and work at the Solent Business Park or Whiteley Village then cycling or walking are one of the best ways of getting to work. There are numerous cycle paths around Whiteley, many of which are off the main roads so that cyclists do not have to contend with cars. The closest railway station to Whiteley is Swanwick, to the south west of the area, south of the M3, off Botley Road. Pedestrians and cyclists can go from Whiteley to Swanwick railway station via one of two routes; either via Yew Tree Drive and Botley Road, or via a path that connects Arabian Gardens to Caspian Close and then to Botley Road.

 Whiteley Cycles Paths

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