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Honey for Sale

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Honey now available

Two Jars Honey

If you are interested in buying some local honey then please contact me via the online form or call. Please remember:

  • I am not a shop.
  • I am available most evenings.
  • I have to work.
  • I am available weekends but early or late in the day as so many people dont bother to turn up.
  • I am a small producer so I dont have lots of honey for sale.
  • Amounts depend on the time of the year,how much I have jarred up and how busy the bees have been. 
  • Please return your empty jars.
  • I do not post jars of honey.
  • I do not deliver jars of honey.
  • I dont take Credit or Debit cards.
  • Honey is sold in 1lb or 1/2lb jars (454g or 227g)
  • I am in Whiteley and you will need to pick the honey up from me.
  • Some of the honey for sale may be from another local beekeeper.

I am a small local beekeeper located around Fareham in Hampshire. My honey is raw, unheated and unfiltered. That means the honey is only strained to remove any bits of honey comb wax, so it still contains the original pollen. I do not heat the honey like commercial honey producers may do, to break down the sugar crystals. That is why their honey will stay clear on the supermarket shelf. If you heat honey above 45C it destroys the antioxidants, important enzymes, vitamins and other beneficial attributes. People often find that heated honey looses much of its natural aroma and flavour.

I sometimes have honey from other local beekeepers available for sale when my stocks are low. If you are a local beekeeper and would like me to sell your surplus honey then please get in touch. I have many customers and find it difficult to keep up with demand.

Drop the jars off to me and I will sell them and keep the money aside for you. Alternatively drop a tub off with some labels and I will jar up and sell. Or i can buy the honey from you upfront.

Cutcomb Honey for Sale 

Cut comb honey is honey still held in the honeycomb straight from the hive. This is honey in its most natural state untreated and unfiltered. Typically this is a square of comb cut out of a full size frame and placed into jar then topped up with honey. Cutcomb honey is usually eaten as a whole, this means the wax along with the honey. Some people chew it and spit out the wax, others spread it melted on hot crumpets or toast. The wax is perfectly edible and may even eleviate Hay Fever or allergies due to the pollen content.

I have 0 packets of Cutcomb (Raw Honey & Comb) they are 200g or 7oz and are £4.50 each.



Currently only standard 1lb jars of honey are available.

454g Honey


Due the cost of postage and packaging, honey is not available to purchase on-line from this web site.


200g 7oz Cutcomb Honey (0 packets)

454g 1lb Jar net @ £5.00 (Available)

 227g 8oz Jar net @ £3.00 (Sold Out)

 227g honey

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