I do operate a swarm collection service to assist members of the public and to safeguard the valuable honey bee. If you get a swarm of Bees in your garden what can you do?

Swarms usually happen during the late morning or afternoon from April to August. If the Beekeeper can get to the swarm quickly the bees can usually be collected safely. Although a swarm of bees is normally harmless, they do frighten some people and it is best to leave them alone and keep your distance. When the bees arrive they will quickly form a cluster on a bush or tree. They will normally stay like that for the rest of the day.

Bees usually swarm when a colony is strong enough to divide. At that time half the bees and one queen will fly off to make a new home. This is just their way of reproduction and before they go they will gorge themselves on honey, taking enough food to survive for a little while. Do not be alarmed, just walk away and leave them to settle.
If you contact me I will try to come ASAP and home them in a hive and the swarm can then be collected in the early evening. Please be aware that bees should not be harmed or sprayed with pesticide.

If you see a swarm then please call me on 07929 990351. The area covered is about a 20 mile radius of Fareham. This will cover the whole of Portsmouth, Southampton, West End, Hayling Island, Havant, Waterlooville, Portchester, Wickham, Locks Heath, Fareham, Whiteley, Titchfield and Gosport.

Before calling please ensure they are Honey Bees and not Bumble Bees, Masonary Bees or Wasps. Please see "Know your Bees" page to assist you with identification. I am very sorry but I cannot do anything about bumble bees, wasps or masonary bees. For wasps you will need a pest controller. For bumble bees and masonary bees its best to just leave them alone they will die out naturally in August / September.

To assist you here is a picture of a typical swarm.

Swarm of Bees

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