If you would like some honey then please use the contact form.

Please be aware that this is a hobby, I am a hobby beekeeper with a little surplus honey to sell. I work full time and I have kids with after school activities and a busy life.

The best time to catch me is early on a weekend (before 9.30) or late on a weekend (after 6pm). In the week after 7pm is a good time. My wife works from home but she is in the office on calls or on the computer so she unlikely to be able to get to the door. All the kids have after school activities early evening so we are often not around.

Its a time consuming process jarring up honey. I spin the honey off into tubs in the summer and I warm a tub in the airing cupbord for a week to allow the honey to be filtered into another tub. I then clean 12 jars and fill them with honey and sell them. Then I start again. Otherwise the house would be full of jars of honey and it would take an age.

Thanks for your custom and interest.





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